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Homeowners work hard for everything they have, this makes having the proper protection that much more important. Homeowners insurance can cover your home, personal possessions, or any other structures on your property.

Homeowners insurance is vital for those who own property and seek to protect against damage, as well as cover liability and legal responsibility for any sustained injuries. As a package policy, damage to your property and damage you or members of your family cause to others can be covered. Since your home is one of the largest investments you can make, it's important to maintain the best coverage available.

At Pi Insurance, we'll work with you to select the perfect policy for your home and belongings without breaking the bank. While homeowners insurance is designed to cover unexpected damages over regular maintenance, it's important to keep in mind everything that you'll be protected from when selecting your home insurance policy.

Pi Insurance Agency - Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Homeowners insurance covers unexpected loss or damage to your house, along with your possessions within your property. Depending on the damages caused, your insurance policy will typically cover the cost needed to restore your property back to its original value.

There are a few different coverages that can be included in your policy, depending on the type of protection you may need. A few of these coverages are:

Dwelling Coverage

Dwelling coverage is the main portion of home insurance protecting your home from damages. In the event of natural disaster, fire, or theft, the cost to repair any damages or destroyed property will be reimbursed to you to get your property to its original value.

Personal Property Coverage

Aside from protecting your home itself, homeowners insurance can also cover your personal property such as appliances, clothing, furniture, and more. If these items are stolen or damaged in an unexpected event, your insurance will reimburse you with some limits.

Liability Coverage

Personal liability coverage ensures you will be protected if someone is injured while on your property. In the event of a lawsuit, your liability insurance will protect you from financial loss. This extends to any damage caused to your neighbor's property, depending on the situation.

These coverages and more can help you protect yourself and your home from the unexpected. Contact Pi Insurance Agency today to explore your homeowners insurance coverage options and keep yourself and your family secure.


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